Fiorina: GOP Nominee Must ‘Throw Punches at Hillary Clinton’

Rex Features/AP
Rex Features/AP

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina believes Republicans will lose the White House again if the party’s nominee is afraid to throw rhetorical punches at Hillary Clinton.

On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Fiorina, who has been one of Clinton’s fiercest critics, told host Matt Boyle that Hillary Clinton’s scandals are “going to hang around for a long time,” but “in the end they won’t make that much difference unless we have a nominee who will ensure that they make a difference in the general election.”

She said Republicans must learn from John McCain’s 2008 loss and Mitt Romney’s 2012 defeat–both candidates were convinced by their establishment advisers not to attack candidate and President Barack Obama, respectively.

“We need a nominee who will challenge Hillary Clinton unrelentingly,” Fiorina said. “We have seen in two past elections when our nominee won’t throw the punch, that’s a problem… so we need a nominee who will throw punches at Hillary Clinton, and there are plenty of punches to throw.”

Blasting the “huge perceived conflict of interests” that Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer exposed in Clinton Cash, Fiorina said the Clintons always “cast aspersions of their accusers but they never really ever get around to answering the questions.”

“When they finally get around to answering an allegation or a question they immediately say it’s the vast right-wing conspiracy, they’re wildly inaccurate accusations,” she said, emphasizing that it is up to the GOP nominee to ensure that the public is informed about Clinton’s scandals.

Fiorina also said stressed that in addition to nominating someone who can win the job, Republicans “need someone who can do the job of the presidency in this very pivotal and complex time in our nation’s history.”

That, according to Fiorina, “requires someone who understands how the economy actually works, how the world works and who’s in it… how the bureaucracies work and how to change them because our government has become one giant bloated, corrupt inept, bureaucracy… someone who understands technology, which is both a great tool and a powerful weapon.”

She added that the the GOP nominee must also be “someone who understand leadership requires… tough calls in tough times with high stakes for which you’re prepared to stand to be held accountable.” But she said that the “highest calling of leadership not about power or position,” but about “unlocking potential in others, and we need a leader who will unlock the potential of this nation.”

To get her views known more broadly, Fiorina must first get on the debate stage. Saying “it’s very important I get to the debates,” Fiorina said she is “working really hard… getting out there making sure people know who I am” because “my name ID started out lower than anyone else’s.” Fiorina noted that she hasn’t been in politics, didn’t have email lists for years, and is not a celebrity.