Citizens United’s Bossie Says Trump’s Second Place Showing in New Fox Poll Shows GOP Conservative Base ‘Desperately Looking for Leadership’

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Citizens United chief David Bossie says the Fox News poll released on Wednesday reinforces results his organization obtained in a survey of its own.

The Fox poll shows Donald Trump in second place among 2016 Republican presidential contenders, and Bossie calls that a clear sign that “the conservative movement that makes up the Republican party voter base is desperately looking for leadership.”

The stunning new Fox News poll shows Jeb Bush in the lead with the support of 15 percent of likely Republican primary voters, but Trump is right behind him in second place at 11 percent.

Today’s Fox News poll is just one of five polls that will be used to determine the top ten candidates who will be invited to the networks’ televised debate in August.

The Fox News poll reinforces the results of a survey of its members released by Citizens United earlier in the day that shows Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Trump are favored by its members in the 2016 Republican presidential primary contest.

“I think these polls, whether at the national or state level are showing that the conservative movement that makes up the Republican party voter base is desperately looking for leadership. They are desperately looking for the anti-politician, anti-Washington candidate, someone who is going to come in and be a leader,” Bossie tells Breitbart News.

“The conservative movement is desperately looking for someone who is going to upend the status quo. The status quo is broken. If we are going to survive as a nation, we are going to have to fix Washington,” Bossie adds.

Bossie has positive things to say about candidates who are “the anti-politician, the fresh face.”

Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination last week, is one of those fresh faces, in Bossie’s view.

“Mr. Trump is speaking truth to power about our leadership’s inability to defend our country either economically through trade or militarily. That’s one of the reasons Donald Trump is surging,” Bossie says.

“I hear Donald Trump say our leadership is stupid. I look at what John Boehner is doing and I agree with him,” Bossie notes.

According to Bossie, “these polls are going to make the first several debates very important and very interesting. Recent polls are proving the point the American people want those incumbent politicians to speak the truth, because that’s what they are hearing from Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, and Donald Trump.”