GOP Establishment Darling Darin LaHood Appears to Be Push-Polling Voters Against Conservative Candidate Mike Flynn

AP Photo/Journal Star, Fred Zwicky
AP Photo/Journal Star, Fred Zwicky

From David Steinberg writing at PJMedia:

Darin LaHood — despite accepting the endorsement from the amnesty-supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce, despite traveling to D.C. to participate in a fundraiser for his campaign with John Boehner, despite not revealing his conflict of interest in supporting a bill as state senator that won millions in work for his law firm and aided one of his most prominent donors, despite attempts to clear the GOP primary slate of all challengers and to rush this primary immediately after the July 4 vacation, despite refusing to debate Flynn, despite Flynn being disallowed from speaking at a recent GOP event, despite his insistence that people vote early before they get the chance to know his positions or debate, he is attempting to firmly run as a conservative.

See his campaign page here, with the conflicting “Vote Early” near a tab for “Conservative Priorities.”

If an obvious establishment candidate basing his campaign on portraying himself as the conservative when challenged from the right — when he could instead respect election integrity by honestly presenting his history as a moderate and arguing the merits of his actual leanings — sounds like the horrible advice that sunk Eric Cantor, that’s not a coincidence.

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