Mike Flynn Responds to US Chamber of Commerce Endorsement of LaHood

Washington, DC

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Illinois State Sen. Darin LaHood for Congress on Tuesday morning.

He is one of five candidates running in the special primary election on July 7th against Breitbart News founding Big Government editor Mike Flynn, who is running to fill Rep. Aaron Shock’s vacant seat.

“If you love big bank bailouts, loved the Obama stimulus, love corporate welfare for big defense contractors, and loved Obama’s executive amnesty, then evidently, you should vote for Darin LaHood. If you’re for limited government, lower taxes, free market competition, and securing the border first, then it’s clear: You should vote for me,” Mike Flynn said, responding to the Chamber’s endorsement of LaHood.

“Senior Vice President and National Political Director of the U.S. Commerce, Rob Engstrom, and the Vice President of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce were on hand for the announcement,” reported News 25, a local NBC affiliate.

“Obviously they know my record, they know what I’ve advocated for. To have them here today, to come from Washington, D.C. to represent this organization and all across the country means a great deal, and I’m proud to have it today. I think it reflects the record I’ve had in the State Senate, and the issues I’ve advocated for here locally,” said LaHood.