Report: Top Pro-Hillary Super PAC’s Fundraising Numbers ‘Anemic’

Hillary Rodham Clinton
AP Photo/Mathew Sumner

So much for the $2.5 billion juggernaut.

Priorities USA, the top pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, reportedly had a shakeup because it is falling fall short of its lofty fundraising goals.

According to a Politico report, the pro-Hillary super PAC “is expected to report anemic fundraising numbers later this month,” which will be a “stumbling start for a group that hopes to raise as much a $300 million for the 2016 cycle to compete with juggernaut GOP super PACS.”

That may explain why Guy Cecil, the group’s new head, reportedly replaced the group’s finance director.

When Clinton announced her candidacy, reports surfaced that the campaign, along with pro-Clinton PACs, would amass a $2.5 billion war chest.