Duck Dynasty Stars Stand With Jindal


Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson said Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is their choice for president in 2016, according to FOX411.

Jindal formally announced he is running for president on Wednesday.

“I definitely would vote for him he’s a very, very good man,” Jep Robertson said to FOX411. “We’ve gotten to chat with him several times, kind of just talking, he’s a great dude….he’s very transparent, has a great family, so yeah I’d definitely give him my vote.”

Willie Robertson – older brother to Jep – said he has been speaking to Jindal recently, and both him and his wife, Korie, are friends with Jindal and his wife.

“He and his wife are good friends of Korie and [mine]. He has been on our television show. Anybody that comes down and has been on an episode of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ obviously is the frontrunner in my book,” Willie Robertson told FOX411 in May.

The “Duck Dynasty” star added, “Besides all that, he’s a good man. He’s a Godly man. He’s honest.”