Police Looking for Girl Who Viciously Attacked Girl and Baby in Viral Video

Rowlett, TX

Police in Rowlett, Texas have confirmed that they are investigating a vicious attack on a girl and a baby that has been seen by millions of Americans in a video that has gone viral over the last week.

The widely seen video shows two young black girls taunting two white girls who are sitting at a park bench. One of the white girls is holding an infant. In short order one of the black girls quickly jumps the white girl delivering a vicious attack that causes the baby to fly to the concrete. The video also shows a handful of black boys laughing and egging on the black girl during her attack as the baby is heard crying.

Rowlett police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident and have determined where the site of the attack occurred.

The attack took place on June 19 outside of Herfurth Elementary School in Rowlett.

Police ask that anyone with any information should please call 972-412-6200.

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