Media Outlets Attack Donald Trump Like Pack of Wild Dogs

Pack of Wild Dogs
Getty Images

Media outlets across the U.S. are sparing no energy in attacking billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his recent comments highlighting criminals who illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico.

Every possible chance to attack is being taken, with some outlets going as far as making news stories out of children saying bad things about Trump on social media.

The frenzy developed shortly after Trump used his national platform to make comments on the criminal element that illegally crosses the porous U.S.-Mexico border to commit heinous crimes on U.S. soil.

USA Today went as far as reporting on a YouTube video made by an 8-year-old Texas girl who wanted to tell Trump to “shut your mouth and respect us.” The story originated on a local San Antonio outlet and USA Today editors apparently felt the message needed a national audience.

Dozens of stories appeared across the U.S. on Macy’s deciding to stop doing business with Trump. The headlines almost universally used derogatory terms such as “Macy’s Dumps Trump.”

Another news outlet described Mexico refusing to send a contestant to the Miss America Pageant due to Trump’s business involvement. As with the prior articles, full voice was given to the fact that anyone or anything was criticizing Trump without critical thought to whether his comments about the border were actually supported by fact.

Despite comparisons of Trump to Hitler by Eva Longoria, the comments from Trump were largely accurate. As Ann Coulter pointed out, “I’m offended” is not an argument against Trump when facts back him up.

Trump clearly spoke truth about the fact that many criminals and rapists do illegally cross into the U.S. illegally from Mexico to commit heinous crimes, such as the at-least 2,000 previously convicted sex offenders deported from Texas alone each year. Trump was guilty of not highlighting the many who illegally come into the U.S. to work and send money home, but his comments exist in the context of most outlets and individuals with large platforms discussing only the illegal immigrants who come to work and refusing to acknowledge the high numbers of rapists, other sex-offenders, cartel hitmen, and narcotics traffickers who come in addition to those workers.