Alleged Home Invaders Pick Wrong House: Resident with AK47 Kills One, Wounds One

Las Vegas Police
Las Vegas Police
Las Vegas, NV

On June 30, two suspects allegedly invaded a home in northeast Vegas. One suspect was severely wounded and the second was killed by a resident who kept an AK47 in the house.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m.

According to CBS 8, the alleged invasion began with female suspect Tiffany Carter (aka Tarnesha Harris) knocking on the door, then overpowering the 12-year-old who answered it. Police said the 12-year-old tried to push the door shut after realizing what was going on, “but the woman grabbed him and put him in a headlock.”

Once the 12-year-old was subdued, an armed male suspect allegedly ran into the house and burst through the bedroom door of 23-year-old Jesus Javier Sanchez. Shots rang out as Jesus fired a handgun while moving to retrieve his AK47, then grabbed the AK47, and began firing it.

The police report indicates that “the male suspect [then] fled the room down the hall, but he still had the gun in his hands, so Sanchez fired another shot at the suspect striking him once again.”

While the male suspect was trying to get out of the house, the female suspect allegedly moved on to another room and grabbed the purse of Sanchez’s mother. Sanchez opened fire, striking the female suspect, leaving her unable to do more than “crawl on the ground towards a gold-colored [Oldsmobile]” that waited outside.

When police arrived, Sanchez was still holding his AK47, but dropped it immediately and complied with the officers’s commands.

The two home invasion suspects drove to North Vista Hospital to get treatment for their wounds, and hospital personnel called the police. The male suspect died, and the female suspect was taken on to “University Medical Center due to the severity of her injuries.”

Once released, she faces charges that include “attempted murder with a deadly weapon, home invasion with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.”

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