‘Giant Butt’ Touring U.S. to Bring ‘Randomness’ to ‘Bleak World’

Washington, DC

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., July 6 (UPI) — A giant sculpture of a human rear-end spotted in Virginia is on a cross-country tour to bring “randomness” to this “tough” world.

The sculpture, which depicts a cartoonish human rear-end with a heart tattoo reading, “Butt,” was spotted during the weekend in Charlottesville and was identified as the work of comedian Kurt Braunohler.

“The world is a pretty tough place to live in,” Braunohular told WCAV-TV, “so we thought we could brighten peoples days with a bit of randomness, and that is why I am driving around a giant butt.”

Braunohular, who dubbed the sculpture “The Love Butt,” said in a blog post the “giant butt” project is part of his planned Comedy Central pilot, “Better. Dumber. Faster. with Kurt Braunohler.”

“The show is all about inserting absurdity into stranger’s lives to make this bleak world a little bit brighter. So we’re driving a butt across America. For no other reason than it’s dumb and funny and hopefully will surprise people,” he wrote.

Braunohler tweeted The Love Butt arrived Monday in Washington, D.C.