Rudy Defends Donald on Border Security: ‘Unbiased’ Trump Highlighting Important Issue

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani defended Donald Trump, saying the businessman and GOP presidential candidate “hit on the right point” when bringing up the country’s lack of border security during his presidential announcement speech.

Calling Trump an “unbiased and unprejudiced man” on Monday, Giuliani said that though Trump could have worded his remarks better, he has “gotten onto an issue that’s important.” Giuliani referenced the illegal immigrant–who had been deported five times–who murdered 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco over the weekend as an example of the country’s lax border security.

“We’ve failed at it for quite some time and we need to have a plan so that we can stop people from coming into this country without identifying themselves. Even if most of them are good people, if a few of them can set off bombs, if a few of them can kill people like one did over the weekend, if a few of them can rape people, then what are we doing?” Giuliani said. “We’re doing something other countries don’t do. You can’t get into Mexico without being identified but you can get from Mexico to the U.S. without being identified.”

Giuliani said that “because people can come in illegally, terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, murders, all of whom I have prosecuted at one time or another, are able to get in.” He said that though “most of the people who come in are good people” he did “prosecute illegals who murdered, raped, committed terrorists acts… they sneak in with the good people who come in.”

“I would have said it differently, but I do think he’s gotten onto an issue that’s important, which is making our borders secure. We have failed at that,” Giuliani added. “And I certainly think that it doesn’t reflect on Donald Trump as a man, who is a very charitable and a good man. I’m sure if he really had a chance to say it he’d reverse it.”

Giuliani said that he believed that most illegal immigrants are “hard-working people,” but “that small group that are criminals can only be cut off if we seal our borders” with “a comprehensive plan” that would “make it impossible to come into the United States without being identified.”