White House: Hillary Clinton’s Email Release ’In The Spirit’ Of Transparency


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, asserting that she was “acting in the spirit” of President Obama’s commitment to transparency by releasing her emails to the State Department.

“I think Secretary Clinton was acting in the spirit of the president’s commitment to transparency when she suggested that those emails should be made public,” Earnest said when pressed by Fox News reporter Kevin Corke.

Earnest pointed out that Clinton forwarded thousands of emails from her private server to the State Department and requested that they should be made public. However, nearly 30,000 of her emails she deemed “private” and deleted them from her private personal server.

Last week the State Department released 1,900 of her emails to the public.

Any questions about missing emails, Earnest insisted, should be addressed to the Clinton campaign.