Ben Affleck Breaks Social Media Silence After Jennifer Garner Split… with a Tweet to John Kerry

Los Angeles, CA

Is there a better way to end a social media blackout than by tweeting John Kerry?

The last several months have not been kind to Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, and in the wake of some pretty negative press, he’s been almost completely silent on Twitter.

Following news he pressured PBS’ Finding Your Roots to edit out details his ancestors owned slaves in April, a week ago, he and his wife Jennifer Garner announced they would be divorcing after ten years of marriage.

While he has never been the most vocal celebrity on social media, Affleck’s 1.9 million followers have been hearing the crickets, aside from a June, 26 post thanking the United States Supreme Court for mandating same-sex marriage a constitutional right.

The lack of Twitter activity has apparently left fans and news outlets all over the world wondering if he is still in one piece.

Monday, Affleck took to his page to break the post-divorce news silence, and thank Secretary of State John Kerry for appointing former congressman Tom Perriello as Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of Africa:

#BreakupProbs #MaleBonding #BroTime

PEOPLE reports Affleck last met with Kerry in February 2014 to testify in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as an “expert on Africa,” and the star heads an organization that works to assist economic and social development in eastern Congo, the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI).

“Finally, it’s just a pleasure to be back here in the State Department. The real State Department – I had to fake it for Argo,” he joked at the time. “I get to see the real thing here, so it’s quite intimidating.”

Behind the scenes, the actor still seems committed to helping citizens of the war-torn region of Africa with help from the State Department, despite the end of his ten-year marriage and new knowledge that, like many Americans, his past isn’t politically correct.

But if the activity on his Twitter page is really to clear the air after news of his impending divorce, as has been asserted by PEOPLE, the only things missing now are song lyrics and a photo of a night out with the boys.

A source close to Garner alleged last week Affleck’s drinking and gambling had escalated to the point Garner “couldn’t take it anymore.”

If that’s the case, Ben already knows how to have a night out, but for that matter, so does Secretary Kerry.