SC Couple Charged with Banishing Daughter to Woods–for Eating Pop-Tart

Sumter County Sheriff's Office

A mid-thirties couple in South Carolina allegedly had a cruel and unusual punishment for their 14-year-old daughter who ate a Pop-Tart without permission: living in a tent in the woods for a week.

James Driggers, 33, and his wife, Crystal, 36, were arrested and charged with child neglect after allegedly forcing their daughter to live with only a flashlight, a roll of toilet paper, a whistle, and a watch. Law enforcement officials said the Driggers told their daughter she could only get food by meeting someone at a fence at designated times. The area of the woods where the girl stayed is known to harbor wild hogs.

On Friday night, after two days in the woods, police found the girl, who had survived Thursday night’s harsh storms. She is now in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services; her four siblings are in the custody of their grandparents.. Investigators discovered that during the last month, the girl had been forced to leave her home between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

According to WNCN, a Facebook page appearing to be Crystal Driggers’ shows the Driggers are body-builders, and center on weight-lifting and dieting. The page quotes Driggers asserting she coaches at a company called “Beach Body.”