White House Explains Iran Nuclear Deadlines Are Not Real Deadlines


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the Iran nuclear negotiation talks are continuing, despite the latest missed deadline.

Earnest admitted that the talks hadn’t met the June 20 deadline or the July 7 deadline, but he disagreed with the notion that deadlines were useless.

“I do think that deadline has been useful, in applying pressure to Iran, because we have made progress in the conversations that they’ve had in the last eight days,” he said, calling it part of a White House strategy to help make real gains in discussions with the Iranians.

“We haven’t got everything we’ve wanted yet,” he admitted, but reminded reporters that the talks would continue to be evaluated on a “day by day” basis.

Earnest added that White House negotiators wouldn’t “walk away from the table” as long as the negotiations continued to be useful.

He declined to give any odds of the talks succeeding, admitting that the blown deadline had made some people skeptical.

“I’m not feeling like a betting man today,” he said.