White House: Obama Briefed on New York Stock Exchange Technical Glitch

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

President Obama has been briefed on the ongoing technical problems at the New York Stock Exchange, according to a White House official who emailed a statement to reporters.

Trading was suspended at the NYSE this morning in reaction to what has been described as a “technical issue” that it was working to resolve.

“The issue we are experiencing is an internal technical issue and is not the result of a cyber breach,” a statement from the NYSE explained. “We chose to suspend trading on NYSE to avoid problems arising from our technical issue.”

The federal Securities Exchange Commission announced in a statement that they were in contact with the NYSE and were “closely monitoring the situation.”

UPDATE: Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson opened a speech on cybersecurity moments ago with a statement on the situation asserting that the disruptions were not the result of a “nefarious actor.”

“It appears that today we had system malfunctions at United, at the New York Stock Exchange and The Wall Street Journal,” he said. “I have spoken to the CEO of United, Jeff Smisek, myself. It appears from what we know at this stage that the malfunctions at United and the stock exchange were not the result of any nefarious actor.”

UPDATE II: White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed with reporters the Department of Homeland Security had been communicating with the NYSE about the technical issues.

“There is no indication that malicious actors were involved in these technology issues,” he said, referring to the problems on the NYSE.