Democrat Lawmakers Introduce Ban on Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases


On July 10, Democrat lawmakers in Minnesota plan to introduce legislation banning gun-shaped iPhone cases in their state.

State reps. Joe Atkins (DFL-Dist. 52B) and Dan Schoen (DFL-Dist. 54A) are pushing the legislation that will ban “the manufacture, sale, and possession” of such cases.

CBS Minnesota reports the ban, although introduced July 10, will not go before the entire legislature for a vote until “next Spring.” In the meantime, the lawmakers plain to urge retailers to refuse to sell the case.

Atkins and Schoen are asking retailers to “inform customers about the dangers [the gun-shaped cases] pose.”

This action comes after Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “urged online retailers to stop selling [the cases].” He said the cases make it look “like there’s a gun sticking out of [people’s] pocket” and it sets up “disasters waiting to happen.” has already complied, and will no longer sell gun-shaped iPhone cases to customers.

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