President Obama: My Favorite Vegetable Is ‘Barack-oli’

First lady Michelle Obama sits down with local students to eat vegetables that were recently harvested from the White House garden, in the East Room at the White House June 3, 2015 in Washington, DC. The first lady and local students enjoyed eating the vegetables they planted in the garden …
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Obama made a surprise visit to Michelle Obama’s “Kids State Dinner” at the White House today, to encourage all of them to eat healthy.

During his remarks, Obama praised the kid-created “Barack-a-mole” recipe and joked that “Barack-oli” was his favorite vegetable.

“I also noticed that there are a lot of good vegetables on the menu, including my favorite vegetable ‘Barack-oli,’” he cracked.

“It’s true, I love broccoli, I eat it all the time,” he insisted.