Breitbart News Sunday Radio Caller: ‘This Latino Is Voting for Trump All the Way’

Donald Trump

During Breitbart News Sunday’s radio broadcast on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125, Carlos from Texas called in to inform Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host of the show, Stephen K. Bannon, why he’s supporting Donald Trump for president in 2016.

Carlos a regular Latino listener to the show emphasized that the talking heads on the Sunday TV shows are wrong when they say Trump is going to get very popular with the people and then burn out. “I remember Sarah Palin back in 2008, she is still popular with us. I don’t know where they are getting their info that he is going to phase out before 2016.”

Bannon asked Carlos if he thinks the media elite of the Republican establishment, conservatives and liberals are telling you how to think?

“Yes and they’re wasting their time,” he said. Carlos explained that he was against Donald Trump three weeks ago. If the media hadn’t said anything about him he would never have considered voting for him.

“But when they started attacking the man, and then they started cutting ties with his business, that pissed me off,” Carlos told Bannon. “When Trump said that he considered the country more important than his companies, he got my vote.

Carlos admitted that he’s a “Ted Cruz guy,” but that he is being realistic. He doesn’t think Cruz can garner the money it will take to beat Jeb Bush or Hillary.

“Realistically I would like to see Donald Trump pour two billion dollars into this. I’ll even donate some money. I’m sure a lot of patriots will also,” he asserted.

Carlos thinks that Trump could also do well as an independent. “If he broke off into a third party a lot of Republicans would follow.”

The Texas caller said what resonates most with him about Donald Trump is: “He gave a 1-2-3 punch, which was we are getting invaded, we need to close the border, and we have to fend back these illegals.”

Carlos added that, “He didn’t say Hispanics. He didn’t say Asians. He said illegals, so the media is trying to dog pile on him.”

No one in the media is coming to Trump’s rescue, Carlos pointed out. “But the people of America will come to his rescue,” he insists “They can try to dig up dirt, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve made up my mind. I’m voting for this man. I don’t care what Karl Rove says, what Jeb Bush has to say, or what anybody else has to say. If he goes third party, I am following him.

Carlos argued that many Republicans would follow him. “They are sick and tired of the Boehners and the McConnells  saying that ‘we can’t do nothing.’ Holy Smoke I say when I hear Trump. He’s talking like me. He’s saying something that I would say,” reasons Carlos. 

Breitbart’s Executive Chairman asked Carlos if he believes that past comments Trump made are racist or nativist, as his detractors have suggested. “It’s not racist. It’s not nativist. It’s not inappropriate. You’re talking to a Latino. I’m telling you right now, this Latino is voting for Trump all the way.”

Mark, another Breitbart Sunday listener, called in and agreed with Carlos. He recounted that he is becoming a believer in Trump. What he likes about the brash real eastate tycoon is that no matter how the media tries to beat him down, “he keeps coming back stronger and stronger.”

Bannon asked Mark what he thinks of the political media class–Chuck Todd of NBC News, Charles Krauthammer of Fox, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, George Will, Peggy Noonan– telling you that Donald Trump is going to destroy the country.

“The more you hear these clowns talk, the more and more I like Trump. They don’t seem to understand. The more people I talk to are now saying that Trump is the Man.”

What is it that is driving you and your friends to support Trump, Bannon followed up. “He’s speaking the truth. He’s talking about real problems. He’s not talking about the confederate flag or about homosexuals getting married. He’s talking about the real things that are affecting this country,” Mark asserted.