Chris Christie: Obama ‘Playing A Dangerous Game’ With Iran

AP/Matt Rourke

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released a statement condemning President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, suggesting that it was just one more of the “humiliating concessions” with the tyrannical regime that symbolized Obama’s presidency.

“He should have walked away,” Christie said. “Iran joins the sad list of countries where America’s red lines have been crossed.  The president is playing a dangerous game with our national security, and the deal as structured will lead to a nuclear Iran and, then, a nuclearized Middle East.”

Christie also called on Congress to reject the deal in the interests of national security.

Since announcing his run for president, Christie has expressed skepticism that the deal would stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon, suggesting that Obama was merely looking to burnish his legacy.

“I’ve said the last 18 months of this presidency is about the two Ls, legacy and library. That’s what the president seems to be really concerned about.” he said earlier this week on Fox and Friends.