Jindal Calls For Opposition to Iran Deal: Hillary the ‘Architect’ of Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

AP Photo/Nati Harnik
AP Photo/Nati Harnik

While on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal called on Congress and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to oppose President Obama’s plan on the Iran nuclear arms deal.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday over the weekend, the Louisiana governor said that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the “architect” of Obama’s “failed foreign policy,” and warned that the situation with Iran must “transcend partisan politics.”

“I hope Secretary Clinton will evolve her views, as she has evolved on other issues, and come out against this very bad deal,” Jindal said, adding that the current administration could “start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

On Tuesday, Jindal continued on Obama’s Iran deal, stating in a press release, “If Secretary Clinton goes along with President Obama’s efforts to appease Iran, it will make our enemies stronger, endanger our ally Israel and trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that will destabilize the region.”

Jindal added:

President Obama appeared more concerned with reaching a deal irrespective of the terms. The result is now a dangerous deal that has put Iran on a path to obtaining a nuclear weapon, depleted America’s military strength in the Gulf, and made Israel less safe. And that certainly makes us less safe here at home.

The Obama Administration is wrong when they suggest the IAEA can still inspect all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. The agreement does not provide for anytime-anywhere access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. President Obama admits that the 24-7 access is to ‘key’ facilities, which means not every facility can be surveyed. The Obama Administration is not being truthful with the world about this deal.

Jindal called upon Congress and former Secretary Clinton to oppose the Iran deal.