#BlackLivesMatter Protestor Shakur Rushes To Mock Cop Ambush

From Instagram
From Instagram
St. Louis

After an off-duty, 16-year veteran St. Louis police officer was shot ambush style by a young black male suspect, a protestor who was active in the Ferguson “uprising” took it upon himself to rush to the scene and hold up a sign to mock the attack.

As Yahoo news reports:

A lone protester holding a sign reading “How Does It Feel?” went to the scene of the shooting and stood with his back to the yellow police tape.

“How does it feel to be met with same aggression you inflict on certain communities daily?” Dhoruba Shakur, 25, told the St Louis Post Dispatch.

The officer—who was escaped with only minor injuries because he was wearing a bullet proof vest—is black.

Yahoo reports that St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson said,”What we have is a sergeant of the St Louis police department, working in full uniform, who was ambushed, who was targeted.”

After he retweeted a story about the attack on the officer by four black males, Shakur took it upon himself to rush to the scene.

On his Twitter feed, Shakur expressed no remorse for his mocking protest and was defiant:

Others on social media expressed support for Shakur.

Shakur was part of the Ferguson protests that began after Michael Brown was shot after assaulting a police officer. Shakur, a musician and activist was part of events such as a “die-in.”