Exclusive–Huckabee on Iran: ‘Don’t Compromise with Cancer, Cut It Out Before It Kills You First’

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Attends Sen. Joni Ernst's Inaugural Roast And Ride Event
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Iran has the blood of American soldiers and civilians on it hands. From Argentina to Algeria, Israel to Iraq, Iranians have murdered Jews, Christians and Muslims across the entire globe.

Only a naive narcissist could find promise in Iran’s poison. Evil is evil.

The Iran nuclear deal is a horrific, humiliating handout that rewards the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism with money, power, global recognition, and a path to a nuclear bomb. This toothless, embarrassing deal poses a direct threat to Israel. It will trigger a nuclear arms race across the Middle East and unleash a new wave of deadly Iranian-backed terrorism throughout the world. “Taking Iran’s word for it” is no way to deal with a rogue state that’s been cheating, stealing, lying, and killing for over three decades.

The President falsely claims the choices are his deal or war.  His deal means Iran will now have the money to continue the war they are actively engaged in already. Who does this President think funded Hamas and their attacks from Gaza toward Israel last year? There’s another option—keep the sanctions and promise that we won’t consider talking until American prisoners are freed from Iranian jails and the Iranian government immediately end their support for global terrorism.

Why would we lift sanctions and allow foreign countries to trade arms with a regime that chants “death to America” and promises to “wipe Israel from the face of the earth”? Why would we inject $150 billion into Iran when we should be tightening the noose with suffocating sanctions? The United Nations voted six times to prohibit Iran from enriching uranium. Why would we sign and celebrate an agreement that allows the Iranian regime to do just that?

This is a devastating deal and America didn’t even get a t-shirt. Today, Iran has 19,000 centrifuges, four times more than when Obama took office. Iran is now months away from a nuclear bomb.No amount of presidential spin can hide the fact that Secretary Kerry and President Obama have failed America and thrown our trusted ally Israel to the wolves. John Kerry should get on his crutches, hop on his plane, and fly straight to Jerusalem to apologize to Benjamin Netanyahu for wheeling-and-dealing with Iranian terrorists and abandoning Israel. Iranian officials should then be prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The President should put his boot on Iran’s throat and impose crippling sanctions on the Iranian leadership. He should aggressively support the liberation movements he and Hillary abandoned to be slaughtered, fight back against Iran’s terrorist proxies in the Middle East, and topple the terrorist government of Iran. We won’t solve the Iranian nuclear problem until the Iranian leadership is removed from power. So long as Tehran’s tyrants wield power, the free world will never be safe.

But until we have a responsible Republican in the White House, the hope for Americans—and the world—falls on Congress. I call on all our elected representatives to fulfill their constitutional duty and kill this dangerous deal with the Iranian devil. We have 60 days to reject evil, defend Israel, and stop this deal before it’s too late. Congress should NOT go home for August recess until this deal is dead.

You don’t compromise with cancer, you cut it out before it kills you first.

Mike Huckabee is a former Governor of Arkansas and a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.