Bobby Jindal: Obama Quick to Push Gun Control After Charleston Massacre, Silent on Radical Islam After Tennessee Terror Attack

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley
AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

On Breitbart News Saturday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal slammed President Barack Obama for reflexively politicizing the tragic Charleston massacre to push for more gun control while remaining silent about radical Islamic terrorism after Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez murdered five servicemen in Tennessee last week.

“You remember after the horrific shooting in Charleston, this president had no problems going out quickly and saying, well here’s an opportunity to talk about gun control… within 24 hours,” Jindal told host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125. “When we see these attacks in Fort Hood, when we see these attacks in Garland, Texas, when we see these attacks in Tennessee, where’s the same clarity in going after radical Islamic terrorism?”

The 2016 GOP presidential candidate said Obama’s reaction to “this terrorist attack” was “disheartening,” especially because “everyday Americans get it–we’re at war with radical Islamic terrorism.’

“I wish we had a Commander-in-Chief who was honest enough to tell us that,” Jindal said, adding that “you have to be deaf, blind, and dumb to ignore what everything that we know is telling us.”

Jindal noted that the Obama administration is “still calling Fort Hood” an act of “workplace violence,” which he said was “nonsense.” He said if you “look at what happened in Garland, Texas… it is clear that Islam has a problem, and that problem is radical Islam.”

“It is clear these terrorists want to bring this fight to us. They’re not content to stay in Syria and Iraq. It’s clear that leading from behind has not worked,” Jindal said. “The reality is that we are at war with them, they are at war with us… whether our president wants to admit it or not.”

Jindal, who issued an executive order on Friday to arm National Guardsmen at military facilities in his state, said “it is ridiculous” that military personnel are not armed because “it’s like sending a fireman without a hose.”

“Why are we creating a gun-free zone where the terrorists are armed?” he asked. “I am glad law enforcement did have a gun–they were able to kill this terrorist.”

Jindal challenged Obama to have the moral clarity to demand from Muslim critics to say that those committing heinous acts of terror are going “straight to hell” instead of being martyrs who are rewarded in the afterlife. As he has been doing on the campaign trail, Jindal pressed Islamic leaders to also “explicitly embrace the same freedoms for others with different religious and political beliefs from themselves that they demand if they want those freedoms for themselves.” Jindal stressed that Americans cannot allow radical Islamists to “use our freedoms to undermine the freedoms of other people.” Jindal said he may be labelled a “racist” or “anti-Muslim” for his views by the left, but insisted that Americans are just getting “sick and tired” of having to be politically correct on terrorism.

He criticized Obama for not having a clear strategy to defeat Islamic terrorism and pointed out that Obama first said Al Qaeda had been defeated, then said ISIS was a “JV team,” then said he did not have a long-term strategy to confront radical Islam before finally saying that “it’s a generational conflict.” Jindal said the Obama administration needs “to take the political handcuffs off the military” in the fight against radical Islam.

“I don’t want our military in a fair fight,” he said. “I want our military to dominate any potential fight.”

After the Tennessee massacre, Jindal led a nearly two-minute prayer before a campaign event in Iowa, and Jindal reflected on that moment, saying it was “a tough day for every American” and he was praying for the “resilience and resolve to take on evil.”

“It was like a member of our own family had died. Without praying for their families,” Jindal said. “I want God to comfort and bring the peace and the love and grace that only He can bring to the parents, siblings, children, spouses that lost a loved one. These are amazing men and women that put on the nation’s uniform and run towards danger not away from it so we can be safe”.