Pataki: Obama Violating Oath of Office, U.S. Sovereignty if He Takes Iran Deal to U.N.

Former Gov., N.Y., George Pataki speaks in Nashua, N.H. Pataki will announce May 28 in New Hampshire whether he intends to seek the Republican nomination for president, he said Thursday
Jim Cole/AP

On Breitbart News Sunday, Former New York Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate George Pataki believes that if President Barack Obama takes the Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations before Congress weighs in on it, Obama would violate his oath of office and call into question whether he should continue in office.

Emphasizing that Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, which gives Congress 60 days to reject the Iran deal, Pataki told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman that he was “outraged” and it really “makes my blood boil” that “this president is taking this agreement to the United Nations Security Council” as early as Monday.

“If this president takes it to the U.N., and binds the United States before Congress has its legal right to decide, it is an act in violation of the rule of law of United States,” Pataki said. “It is an act in violation of the sovereignty of the United States. And in my mind calls into question whether or not this president has respect enough for our constitution, our Congress, and the rule of law to continue in office.”

Pataki added that if Obama “ignores the law that he approved as president, goes to the United Nations and binds the United States to a deal and tells Congress basically, ‘I don’t care what the law says, it’s irrelevant, we have acted without you,’ he has violated the sovereignty of the United States, he has broken his commitment to Congress under the law, and, in my view, that is a violation of his oath of office.”

He asked in astonishment, “How can you sign a law saying Congress has the right to reject it then take it to an international body, and sign off, and go back to Congress and say what you do is irrelevant?”

Pataki slammed the “one-sided” Iran deal in which Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry “caved to every Iranian demand and couldn’t even get four American hostages released.” He said it is “outrageous” to allow the Iranians to get “billions of dollars to continue and expand their terrorist activity and a legal nuclear program.” Calling the Iran deal a “clear threat to the safety of the United States,” Pataki reminded Breitbart News Sunday listeners that he was “governor of New York on September 11” and “saw the consequences of our thinking that radical Islam was a continent away and divided by an ocean.”

“We have to stand up and tell Congress to reject this,” he said.