Abortion Lovers Try to Kill the Messengers in Planned Parenthood Baby-Parts Sting

Dan Fleuette
Dan Fleuette

The videos are so egregious, there is hardly anything for abortion advocates to do but go after the messengers who are exposing how Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted babies to companies that experiment with them.

Planned Parenthood released a lengthy attack on the Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden yesterday, and today pro-abortion RH Reality Check published an infographic that purports to show the connections between pro-life groups that had a hand in Daleiden’s videos that are now going viral all over the world.

RH Reality Check is a product of the pro-abortion UN Foundation, founded by Ted Turner and headed for many years by former Democrat Senator Tim Wirth, who was recently an honored guest at the Vatican conference on “climate change.”

Entitled “A Network of Lies”, the infographic identifies Operation Rescue, Life Legal Defense Fund, Family Research Council, Students for Life of America, Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Thomas Moore Society and Live Action as the frightening puppet-masters behind the sting that has so threatened Planned Parenthood and their government funding and standing.

The infographic says, “[Planned Parenthood] are the target of continued attacks by conservative politicians, radical anti-choice organizations, and individual anti-abortion extremists.”

Operation Rescue is “a radical anti-choice group that has long harassed medical providers and doctors across the United States.”

Life Legal Defense Fund “does not meet the standards of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance for charitable organizations.”

Students for Life “recruits anti-choice students from college campuses across the country.”

Susan B. Anthony List is “an anti-choice lobbying group.”

Live Action President Lila Rose is the “face of the anti-choice movement infamous for her previously released undercover video attack on Planned Parenthood where she posed as a pregnant teenage.”

Perhaps this is enough to frighten the typical abortion advocate but, in short, the list reads like a who’s who of mainstream pro-life groups that have bit by bit turned the youth of America pro-life and instituted a few hundred pro-life laws in the states that are closing down abortion clinics.

As for Daleiden’s group; they charge that his group is phony and was created solely to go after Planned Parenthood.

The list does try to connect a killer named Scott Roeder to the group, though pro-lifers say he has never been connected to any pro-life group.

Roeder murdered late term abortionist George Tiller. At the time of his arrest, he had the telephone number of Operation Rescue staffer Cheryl Sullenger in his car. Troy Newman, who heads Operation Rescue, has said repeatedly that Roeder had no connection whatsoever to his group; not a volunteer, employee or donor. Sullenger told Breitbart News that her telephone number was on all the Tiller trial press releases and that Roeder would call her about Tiller trial dates. She did not know him. Sullenger did serve time for planning but never carrying out an act of violence against an abortion clinic. Sullenger subsequently denounced all violent efforts in the pro-life movement.

The infographic also lists a number of pro-life Members of Congress including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Dewine, Bobby Jindall, Jeb Bush and various committees.

The pro-lifers mentioned in the infographic are chuckling and are uniformly proud to be included. On Facebook, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins wrote, “Thank you Planned Parenthood for acknowledging all of our hard work!! Best trophy ever!!!!!”

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