Steve King: ‘Appetite for Amnesty Has Diminished Dramatically’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

From Seung Min Kim writing at Politico:

As Donald Trump rides a stridently anti-immigration message to the top of GOP presidential polls, House Republicans are rushing to reopen the immigration debate with legislation that would crack down on so-called “sanctuary cities,” the hundreds of localities that give safe harbor to those here illegally.

It’s the first sign that the furor stoked by Trump — after the shooting death of a woman allegedly by an undocumented immigrant — and his oft-ridiculed campaign is having a ripple effect off the trail. And Democrats are seizing the moment to try and brand the GOP as in the thrall of the real estate mogul — trumpeting a sanctuary cities bill passed by the House Thursday as the “Donald Trump Act.”

Undeterred, Republicans pressed forward on legislation that would block funding for sanctuary cities — where local law enforcement shields undocumented immigrants from federal directives — as an opening salvo in a broader immigration fight. GOP leaders have promised the rank-and-file that more enforcement legislation is coming, though they haven’t picked specific bills.

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