NAACP Defends Texas Black Man Who Allegedly Showed Gay Child Sex Tape to Teenagers

Demoyas Baker Mugshot
Photo: Grand Prairie Police Department

On Thursday, the NAACP in Grand Prairie, Texas, staged a protest to defend Demoyas Baker, 27, a worker at the Dalworth Recreational Center who was arrested because he allegedly showed two teenagers a gay child sex tape featuring two 12-year-old boys.

The tape of the boys was derived from surveillance footage from the center taped in May. The arrest warrant for Baker contained a statement from a Dalworth employee who caught Baker showing the tape to a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old. One of the teenagers confirmed the employee’s version of events.

That didn’t matter to Angela Luckey of the Grand Prairie NAACP. “He is still maintaining his innocence. That what he’s been accused of, he still maintains he did not do it,” she asserted. The protest at the Dalworth Recreational Center on Thursday featured Luckey and other supporters of Baker claiming that he simply didn’t know how to handle the video. They attacked the recreation center for not removing it before Baker used it.

Baker has been charged with Class A Misdemeanor – Harmful Display to a Minor, according to the Grand Prairie Reporter.

“When you take a look at the arrests, there was a black male that was arrested,” Luckey intoned. “The center supervisor, he is a white male that has not been held accountable for this situation.”

Arthur Flemming, another Grand Prairie NAACP member, echoed, “The actuality of it is, the area is unsecured. Anybody could go look at it.”

The Grand Prairie NAACP is demanding an independent investigation and has a meeting with city leaders on Tuesday. “There had been an arrest made we just feel that it was made prematurely,” Luckey concluded. “That the arrest should not have been made.”

Because the investigation continues, police had no comment, but they did release a statement responding to the NAACP’s claims, calling them inaccurate.

Baker makes $28,501 a year, $5,346 more than the average of all Parks & Recreation employees, which is $23,155. He was hired March 18, 2009.