Bloomberg: Trump Worth ‘Only’ $3 Billion–12x Romney’s Net Worth in 2012

Donald Trump
AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

From Caleb Melby writing at Bloomberg Politics:

The latest math on Donald Trump: $2.9 billion.

An analysis by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, based in part on a 92-page personal financial disclosure form made public last week, revealed a portfolio dominated by skyscrapers and golf courses. The celebrity presidential candidate says he’s worth more than $10 billion.

Trump has vaulted to the top of some polls in the crowded field of Republican contenders hoping to win the White House next year. His comments against illegal immigration and Senator John McCain’s status as a Vietnam War hero have attracted attention—and renewed the focus on his many and varied claims to the size of his own wealth.

Read the rest of the story at Bloomberg Politics. Trump’s worth, by the way, is roughly 12 times what Mitt Romney’s was ($250 million) when he ran for president in 2012.