Hillary Clinton Might Take a Position on Keystone XL After She’s Elected, If You’re Still Talking About It

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Attend Iowa Democratic Party Hall Of Fame Awards
Scott Olson/Getty Images

For some reason, people keep asking Hillary Clinton where she stands on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Come on, people! It’s not as if President Obama’s blind intransigence has been costing Americans thousands of good jobs, putting our energy independence at risk, and menacing the environment with oil spills from rail transports. It’s not as if Hillary Clinton used to be in charge of the department that has supposedly spent years studying the issue, rejecting every study that says the pipeline is environmentally sound and economically necessary with claims that further studies are forever needed.

Oh, wait, it’s exactly like that. In fact, Hillary herself was bloviating about her mastery of the State Department and its Keystone analysis just yesterday. Politico reports on her wheezy filibuster of a pipeline question from Iowa:

After touring a green-certified transit station in Des Moines, Clinton told reporters that she wouldn’t comment on the pipeline because she had played a leading role in starting the process to review the project while she was secretary of state.

“No other presidential candidate was secretary of state when this process started, and I put together a very thorough deliberative evidence-based process to evaluate the environmental impact and other considerations of Keystone,” Clinton said.

“As such, I know there is a very careful evaluation continuing and that the final decision is pending to be made by Secretary Kerry and President Obama. Very simply, the evaluation determines whether this pipeline is in our nation’s interest and I’m confident that the pipeline impacts on global greenhouse gas emissions will be a major factor in that decisions, as the president has said. So I will refrain from commenting because I had a leading role in getting that process started and I think we have to let it run its course,” she said.

Man, if Clintonian spin and hot air was a renewable energy resource we could tap, we wouldn’t need oil.

Clinton then hopped into her luxurious, carbon-spewing private jet and zipped over to a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, where a voter had the temerity to ask her about the Keystone project again. After blowing out the same cloud of rhetorical Styrofoam peanuts about how she was totally all over this issue as SecState, and that’s why she can’t take a position on it, the woman whose autobiography was called Hard Choices dumped the most hilariously insipid distillation of empty-suit political evasion ever uttered:

“If it’s undecided when I become President, I will answer your question.”

Republicans, to their credit, had this embarrassing performance clipped and posted to the Internet within the hour:

Such leadership! Such courage! Such a command of the issues!

The calculations running through Clinton’s mind are obvious enough: radical money man Tom Steyer paid a fortune to buy the Democrat Party wholesale and order them to keep Keystone blocked. It’s a psychological issue for the lunatic environmentalist Left – they’d suffer a nervous breakdown if a Democrat smashed the Keystone blockade.

But Hillary also knows how ridiculous the Keystone moratorium is. She just watched several Democrats get wiped out of Congress over the issue in 2014, unable to save themselves even with last-gasp kabuki theater in which they pretended to ream Obama for blocking a project America needs. She’s also acutely aware of the criticism over how very little she accomplished as Secretary of State; everything noteworthy about her tenure was a hideous, and often bloody, disaster. She can’t really claim she sat out of the Keystone caper. Maybe she hopes, or has reason to believe, the whole thing will be settled before the Obama Administration wraps up.

Thus is born one of the strangest dodges a politician has ever attempted: I’ve studied this issue so carefully with my brilliant mind that I can’t tell you what I think about it, and if you fancy yourself a loyal servant of my Party and regal house, you’d better stop asking.

Never let your disgust over Hillary Clinton’s corruption and arrogance keep you from appreciating what a lousy candidate she is. Luckily for her, the media is too busy fainting over what Donald Trump’s lawyer said about rape and marriage to report on matters of substance.