Police: Man Killed by Escort in Self-Defense May Have Been Serial Killer

Oregon DMV/Charleston Police Department via AP
Oregon DMV/Charleston Police Department via AP
Charleston, WV

On July 25, an escort in Charleston, West Virginia, shot and killed Neal Falls, a man she met via a website and whom she claims was determined to kill her from the moment she answered the door. Police now believe the man may be linked to as many as six deaths in the last 14 months.

According to CBS 46, the unnamed woman opened the door and was allegedly attacked by Falls. The woman said, “I knew he was there to kill me. I could tell that he had already done something because he said that he was going to prison for a long and that’s when I knew that he was going to kill me.”

The escort struggled against Falls, who laid down his gun to fight off the escort’s defensive attempts as he allegedly tried to strangle her. She said, “When he strangled me, he just wouldn’t let me get any air and so I grabbed my rake and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, I shot him. I just grabbed the gun and shot behind me,” she said.

Based on what the escort says, police have come to believe this was not the first time Falls allegedly tried to kill someone. The woman confirmed this by saying, “You could tell he was saying the exact same thing, he had it down pat. He was saying, ‘You’re going to be quiet, I’m gonna call the orders.’ He was saying everything, you could tell he was comfortable with what he was saying.”

When Falls pulled up to meet the escort, he was driving a “Subaru from Oregon” in which there was a “kill kit made up of a shovel, knives, a bulletproof vest, bleach, trashbags, sledgehammers and axes.” Because of these things, police are “actively trying to connect Falls to other unsolved murders across the country.”

In particular, they think Falls may be connected to “six Ohio women found dead or reported missing in the past 14 months.”

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