Mother of Son Killed by Illegal: ‘Chuck Todd Does Not Belong on TV’

Chuck Todd
Kris Connor/Getty Images
Washington D.C.

Two parents of children killed by illegal aliens are now speaking out exclusively to Breitbart News about Meet the Press, saying it seems to be acting as the “press agency for La Raza.”

Mary Ann Mendoza is the mother of Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, who was killed by an intoxicated illegal immigrant who was driving the wrong way down a freeway. At the time of the accident, her son’s murderer had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit. Although he had been convicted of previous crimes, he had not been deported.

Mendoza tells Breitbart News exclusively: “Chuck Todd is living under a rock. There are thousands of us living through this pain on a daily basis. He does not belong on TV.”

Mendoza continued, issuing this message: “If you’re lying and you aren’t reporting facts, then why are you doing a show? You’re lying.”

Don Rosenberg was equally outraged by NBC’s coverage. Rosenberg’s son, Drew, was killed by an illegal alien who ran over Drew’s body with a car three times. Rosenberg said:

You have an agenda and your agenda is based on lies. It’s not journalistically ethical. It’s mindboggling that professional journalists would do this. Have you no scruples? It’s disgusting. I don’t know another word than just absolutely disgusting– that you call yourselves journalists and that’s how you cover these stories. How can this be happening? How can the media be this irresponsible?”

This is a corporate position. The corporate philosophy is we represent La Raza. We’re the press agency for La Raza and you are forbidden to ever write anything bad about illegal aliens. With this it’s either—we’ll lie or we won’t cover it at all. I don’t know how people can call themselves journalists and stay at this company.

Rosenberg informed Breitbart News that he has frequently tried to make his son’s story heard, but NBC and its sister network MSNBC have ignored his requests: “I’ve tried and tried and tried, MSNBC doesn’t even acknowledge when I send them an email. I’ve called. I’ve never had a response.”

By contrast, MSNBC frequently invites activists for illegal immigrants onto their programs to tell their stories. For instance, illegal immigrant activist Erika Andiola is a frequent guest on MSNBC— appearing on Chris Matthew’s show, Rachel Maddow’s show, Jose Diaz Balart’s show, Melissa Harris-Perry’s show, and Al Sharpton’s show in just the past year and a half alone.

As Mendoza told Breitbart News: “The mainstream media will never tell the truth and show the suffering of Americans—they’ll show the suffering of illegals. They’ll get kids on the show to cry about how, ‘Dad is getting deported.’ Well you know what? At least, he’s alive. Our children are dead.”

When Breitbart News asked Mary Ann Mendoza whether Meet the Press had reached out to her to invite her onto the program, she said that they had not, but that she’d “absolutely” tell her story if they would allow her to be heard. Mendoza said, “I owe this to [Brandon]. I’m not going to roll over and die and let my son’s memory be lost because I’m too afraid to stand up or too tired to tell people about it. If they ask me I’ll tell them about it.”

Recently, NBC’s Chuck Todd said he and his staff: “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.”

That claim was extensively debunked by Breitbart News based on an exhaustive cache of federal data and academic research documenting the trail of destruction blazed by criminal alien predators. When these reports were presented to Mr. Todd and his producers, they replied, “No comment.”

The most recent Meet the Press contained no interviews with either the victims or experts, nor did the program work to correct its erroneous assertion that the staff “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration” after Breitbart News brought these studies to their attention. They also failed to show any footage from the victims’ emotional testimony, including the father of Kate Steinle.