Planned Parenthood Says Contract Proves No Profit from Selling Body Parts

Workers at a Planned Parenthood clinic hang a banner to announce the opening of the facility October 2, 2007 in Aurora, Illinois. The clinic, reported to be the largest Planned Parenthood clinic in the country, was scheduled to open last month but the opening was held up by last minute …
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Planned Parenthood is working hard to cover any tracks which might lead prosecutors to believe the group sells baby body parts for a profit. Even though three doctors are on tape seeming to negotiate prices, Planned Parenthood continues to insist it only charged for expenses.

The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress shows a person identified as Dr. Savita Ginde negotiating prices. She says, “I think a per-item thing works a little better [rather than a flat fee], just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

In her video, Dr. Deborah Nucatola says local affiliate just want to break even and even do a little better than break even.

In her video, Dr. Mary Gatter starts at $75 per specimen and then agrees to a higher price and then leaves open the door for even more.

Even so, as reported in Poltico, “Lawyers for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains insisted that the fake firm, Biomax, changed its sample contract to stipulate that the clinic would not profit from the donation of fetal tissue….” Politico claims to have “internal documents” to back up this assertion.

Planned Parenthood is said to have produced documents that show the contract created by Biomax, the fictitious company created by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress, was resubmitted by Planned Parenthood to include lawyer language that Planned Parenthood does not generate a profit for the harvesting and sale of baby body parts, which is a criminal violation of federal law punishable by huge fines and jail time. Politico admits that the edited document contract by Planned Parenthood “could not be independently verified.”

David Daleiden responded:

The Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood affiliate was very careful to phrase the contract in a way that would look on paper like they were not making a profit. We discussed that strategy at length with Ginde on video and that tape will make Planned Parenthood’s cover-up very clear. If this so called ‘contract’ means anything Dr. Ginde should be immediately dismissed for clearly violating its terms when as our video investigation clearly shows she was negotiating a per baby organ price in order to increase Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.

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