StemExpress Offers Employees Bonuses, Mileage, Expenses For Procuring High-End Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood
Joe Raedle/Getty

“Procurement technicians” for biomedical company StemExpress can earn $75 per tissue when they obtain 41-50 baby brains, hearts, lungs, livers and other body parts and organs that are considered high end “Category A” tissues according to the company’s “Procurement Technician Compensation Policy.”

As observed at MRC TV, the policy document obtained by the Center for Medical Progress, which produced the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s dealings in the transfer of aborted baby body parts for sale, shows that baby body “tissues” are divided into Categories A, B, and C, with “A” being the most desirable and lucrative for technicians in terms of compensation.

StemExpress procurement technicians are “compensated at a rate of $10.00 per hour plus a per tissue or blood bonus as outlined in the table below,” states the company policy.

In the most recent video exposé, a former procurement technician at StemExpress described her job of identifying pregnant women “who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest fetal body parts after their abortions.”

StemExpress’s employee compensation plan also provides, “Any mileage driven on behalf of StemExpress exceeding the mileage to and from their resident and their current assigned worksite location will be reimbursed at $.55 per mile based on the Federal Mileage Rate.”

Should StemExpress contractors need to purchase supplies such as “ice for shipping,” the company states they “will be reimbursed for these necessary items.”

The founder and CEO of StemExpress is Cate Dyer, who, ironically, is the younger sister of Charlotte Ivancic, House Speaker John Boehner’s health policy director.

Its website states StemExpress “is a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers around the world to fuel regenerative medicine and translational research.”

“Founded in 2010, we offer the largest variety of raw material in the industry, as well as fresh, fixed and cryopreserved human primary cells,” the company adds.

The only mention of the scandal of the Planned Parenthood videos is the following “news” item, dated July 16, on StemExpress’s website, titled “Statement of StemExpress Concerning Recent Media Stories”:

StemExpress is a small life sciences company that supports leading research institutions in the United States and internationally—including medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, and federal agencies—to provide stem cells and other human tissue critical to medical research. Cells produced by the physicians, scientists, medical technicians and nurses at StemExpress are currently used in research globally aimed at finding cures and treatments for cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cardiac disease, and other significant medical conditions. StemExpress prides itself on complying with all laws. Written donor consent is required for any donation, including bone marrow, tissue of all types or blood.

We are proud of the role we play in helping the global research community as they strive to achieve medical breakthroughs to stamp out global disease and improve quality of life. Everything we provide is solely at the request of the nation’s and the world’s great research institutions.

Producing the isolated cells researchers need from donated tissues requires the development of complicated, often unique, research techniques using millions of dollars of scientific equipment. We are hopeful the events of the last few days will not diminish our efforts to support the research community or hinder our partners from continuing their important work.