Kudlow on Trump’s Economic Plan in Book: ‘Woah! Nailed It’

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

From Larry Kudlow writing at CNBC:

Is Donald Trump a supply-sider? In his still-young presidential campaign, he has said several times that he wants to be the “jobs president.” In his announcement speech, he put it this way: “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

But those are generalities, and Trump has been short on specifics. In particular, he has said very little, if anything, about his tax policy. But a couple of recent articles on Trump and taxes have caught my eye. Heather Long at CNN Money and Tony Nitti at Forbes have done some digging. And much of what they write is confirmed by specific past Trump tax statements listed at OnTheIssues.org.

Their findings? Like so many things in the Trump story, the Trump tax policy is a mixed bag. But there’s a nice dose of supply-side in that mix.

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