Taco Bell Fires Employee Who Allegedly Wrote ‘Pig’ On Cop’s Food


A Taco Bell in Newton, Kansas has now fired an employee who allegedly wrote the word “Pig” on burritos ordered August 1 by a cop and the cop’s fiancee.

The officer complained after noticing the words scribbled on the wrappers and then sent out photos of the wrappers via social media.

According to KSN.com, Newton residents were aghast at the news. Newton resident Jeffrey Scndelbach said, “I believe that this state deserves a better reputation than somebody writing ‘PIG’ on food.” And resident Christopher Lynn defended the cops saying, “It’s not right. I don’t think it’s right. Most people say they don’t like them, but they also do good for the community. They’re good people.”

Newton Police Lt. Scott Powell said, “I think our community has just taken a stand that we don’t tolerate this from anybody.”

Taco Bell Public Relations Representative Ashley Sioson released the following statement:

Our franchisee apologizes for the worker’s behavior and is working closely with Newton Police and the officer to correct the situation. He has identified and let go the worker who was responsible, and does not share the same belief or views as the employee. Our franchisee is a huge supporter of the police in the community, and has met with the lieutenant of the Newton Police to plan a community event to show his support.

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