New Sarah Palin Movie Points to Bright Future

Sarah Palin

The roar of the Mama Grizzly seems to be intensifying. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, has released a powerful documentary focusing on Palin’s unique and incredible impact on our country.

The just over twenty-minute video, “Building America’s Future,” captures Palin’s rise to national prominence, highlights her impressive achievements in the endorsement game, showcases her populist appeal to Americans, and maps out some strategies for the future. The documentary demonstrates that Palin has teamed with grassroots citizens to make a difference. The partnership between Palin and patriots packs a red, white, and blue punch.

Palin is clearly the star of the piece, but she’s not alone. Senators John McCain, Joni Ernst, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Tim Scott, Pat Roberts, and Ben Sasse all speak glowingly of Palin and her impact on their political careers. Congressmen Ted Yoho, Paul Gosar, and Sean Duffy also weigh in. These Washington heavyweights speak of the power of Palin and how much she has meant to each of them. Even Donald Trump makes a cameo.

“Building America’s Future” begins with a look at Palin’s run for vice president. It culminates with an optimistic message moving forward. In between, there’s a montage of video clips, Reagan quotes, and powerful music. The power of Palin is on full display, and her incredible success in helping elect commonsense conservatives backs it all up.

Palin’s Tea Party appeal is showcased with footage of her speaking at massive rallies. Her appeal to the individual is perhaps even more impressive, with countless clips of Palin meeting soldiers, children, and everyday Americans.

Whether it be GOP stalwarts like Newt Gingrich, Kay Orr, and Orrin Hatch or rising stars like Katrina Pierson, Zach Dasher, and Rob Maness, folks speak from the heart about their admiration and appreciation for Palin. They speak of a woman who can do it all. They speak of a woman who is nowhere near done in her service to our nation.

State fairs and graduations provide the backdrop for some of the Palin appearances featured in the documentary. No matter the stage though, Palin is always shown fighting. One segment titled “Fight Like A Girl” details Palin’s backing of some other women in politics. Through SarahPAC and ShePAC, Palin has helped to elect Governors Susanna Martinez, Nikki Haley, and Jan Brewer; Senators Ernst, Fischer, and Kelly Ayotte, and numerous congresswomen.

While Palin has pushed so many over the finish line, the documentary doesn’t shy away from Palin-backed candidates that fell short either. Warriors like Karen Handel, Sarah Steelman, and TW Shannon are given plenty of time in the documentary as well. Palin clearly understands that whether elections turn out favorably or not, it’s the message that counts–and those who make the effort to fight for the betterment of our country deserve some praise. After all, you don’t need to have a title to make a difference.

All in all, the new SarahPAC film is best summed up by Sarah Palin herself. “In order to secure conservative victories, we must come together to help elect strong, conservative candidates,” said Palin. “SarahPAC and our supporters have done just that and we’re sharing this movie, “Building America’s Future” with you that details the impact (we’ve) made across America, and none of this would have been possible without you.”

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