Saudi Arabian National Related to Royalty Pleads Guilty to Rape, Faces Deportation

Monsour Alshammari

Monsour Alshammari, a 27-year-old Saudi Arabian national allegedly related to royalty, pled guilty to raping a woman in his Utah Valley University apartment on Tuesday and faces deportation after serving the rest of his year-long sentence.

Alshammari was arrested after the woman accused him of date-raping her at his apartment in March. Once a Saudi Arabian consulate paid his cash-only $100,000 bail, according to the Herald Extra, he fled to the Mexican border in order to escape back to Saudi Arabia. Local police raised the alarm to the Department of Homeland Security, and he was apprehended near Tijuana and shipped off to a San Diego detention center, then sent back to Utah.

Prosecutors agreed on a plea deal and dismissed a second degree felony charge of obstructing justice. Alshammari was ordered to serve a year-long sentence, “with credit for the time he’s already served since he was arrested in May,” and to pay the victim $6,000.

Alshammari had been let into the U.S. on a Saudi Arabian government student sponsorship.

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