EXCLUSIVE–Fiorina: I’m Going to ‘Throw Every Punch’ I Can, ‘Tonight, Every Day’

Rex Features/AP
Rex Features/AP
Cleveland, OH

CLEVELAND, Ohio–GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina sat down exclusively with Breitbart News prior to Thursday night’s debate in the lobby of her hotel. Pretty in a pink suit, Fiorina said she was ready for tonight.

“I do feel good about today. I slept in kind of late for me – 7:30. I worked out, had a conversation with a colleague, ate lunch with my husband,” she told Breitbart News, adding she is “excited but not nervous” for this evenings debate.

The former Hewlett Packard CEO spoke to David Webb in an exclusive interview for The David Webb Show on Wednesday evening where she said that she has never sold her soul, which is rare for successful individuals.

She gave a crucial example to Breitbart News of a time where she stood firm.

“I’ve always said I got fired in a boardroom brawl – which I did. Because I challenged the status quo and you make enemies and those enemies said, ‘Well, why don’t we all just say you’re ready to retire, that you were ready to retire because you achieved all of your objectives,’ which we had… it wasn’t true,” she recalled. “It would have made the press easier for a couple months, but it wasn’t true.”

On the topic of the grassroots conservative movement and how Breitbart readers are responding to leadership in Washington, D.C., Fiorina said, “Your readers are powerful people – more than they realize perhaps.”

She went on to express disappointment in the Senate for failing to defund Planned Parenthood, as Fiorina has always been pro-life because her mother-in-law had been warned by a doctor to abort her husband for health reasons prior to his birth but didn’t – so Fiorina has remained very vocal about pro-life issues.

“More Republicans need to spend their time explaining why this is so important – I’ve said this a lot. I’ve gone on interview after interview and pointed out to anyone listening – we are not the extreme ones here – the Democrats are extreme,” she explained. “Their positions are extreme. Their platforms are extreme. Those videos are extreme. If we don’t explain that to people, then people don’t understand it,” she said.

“I find that honestly, there are too many Republicans that are just like, ‘I’m going to go cast a vote, but I’m not going to talk about it,” Fiorina said, slamming the status quo of career politicians. “I cannot tell you how many Republicans say, ‘Well you know, you should downplay these social issues’ – No, totally the wrong approach.”

Fiorina vowed to remain firm and vocal on her conservative stance on social issues.

“This is a moment in time – this issue, these videos, each one gets more and more abhorrent, it is a moment. It is a window where people are open to learning more, so it’s a time to educate,” she declared.

“I do it every time I talk,” she said. “We need more people to stand up and do that.”

On the issue of being one of the only Republican candidates to post a video to Facebook the day prior to the debate criticizing Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Fiorina said Republicans must be willing to do that every time, because it is a fight now for conservatism in this country.

“We need a nominee, who’s going to throw every punch we have because this is a fight now,” Fiorina charged. “Hillary Clinton remains the frontrunner of her party. This is a fight now between conservatism and the Democrat Party that is undermining the character of this nation.”

“The Democrat Party is an extreme party. Their views are extreme,” she reiterated. “This is now a fight, so we better have a nominee who can have that fight – and I can,” she vowed.

Fiorina took that moment to compare the Democratic Party to socialism.

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz cannot explain the difference between the Democrat Party and socialism,” she mocked from Schultz previous TV interview where she was unable to voice a clear difference between the Democratic Party view and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialistic stance.

“It tells you everything you need to know,” Fiorina said.

“It wasn’t always this way, but we have come to a place now where the Democrat platform is indistinguishable from socialism. That’s why they have an avowed socialist running second place in their primary right now – they are a party of extremes,” Fiorina charged, reffering to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is currently in second place in the Democratic primary following Clinton.

“We better throw every punch we can… that’s what I’m going to do, tonight, everyday,” Fiorina vowed. “It’s what you see me doing. I hope that’s why Breitbart readers appreciate me. I’m not going to falter. I’m not going to pull a punch, I’m going to throw a punch – it’s what we need to do.”