Chris Christie Blasts ‘Chamber of Commerce Crowd’ on Illegal Immigration

Chris Christie
The Associated Press

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took shots at the Chamber of Commerce for contributing to the problems with illegal immigration and the failure to secure the border.

“The reason we’re not dealing with immigration as strongly as we need to be in my opinion is because of the Chamber of Commerce crowd,” he said, pointing to their support for cheaper labor and their opposition to using E-verify.

Christie made his comment at the Red State Gathering, after a person in the audience questioned the Chamber’s damaging influence in elective politics.

He pointed out that millions of illegal immigrants were coming into the country to work instead of vote and that tougher immigration verification standards for businesses would help secure the border.

“If every employer in this country was required to use E-verify and the fines were large enough that they would wipe out every nickel of profit they make by hiring cheaper illegal labor, that would help American workers,” he said, adding, “It will make the border more secure, and it will let the American people know that they are back in charge, not any corporate big shots or politicians down in Washington, DC,” he said.