Tsunami of Breitbart News Radio Callers ‘Outraged, Disgusted’ Over Fox GOP Presidential Debate

donald and megyn

Breitbart News continues to draw thousands of new website readers each month. In July close to two million comments piled up in reaction to the hundred plus stories posted each day from the scores of writers imparting political, national security, international, entertainment, and sports news.

So too the Breitbart News Saturday and Breitbart News Sunday radio shows airing on Sirius XM Patriot Radio, channel 125, are enjoying huge audiences sparked by hundreds of callers waiting to weigh in on the programs edgy political interviews with the likes of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Lee and many, many more.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow who host the shows often express that there jobs are made easy by the incredibly intelligent and sophisticated callers that chime in with their insights and opinions.

None of the hottest political topics discussed on the shows spurred caller volume, excitement, and outrage more than Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News. Below are comments from several of our callers weighing in on Sunday’s program:

Mark in Iowa: “I think Senator Cruz did real well considering the questions he was asked… I mean that was just ridiculous, Have you heard from God lately? Seemed like they were trying to ridicule him for standing up for the conservative platform and values.”

Steve in Mississippi: “There’s been a lot of focus on Megyn Kelly but Chris Wallace was in on this too… And don’t tell me Bret Baier  didn’t know who was going to raise his hand after the first question about third party and supporting one of the Republican’s on stage… I think they were trying to get rid of Trump from the get go… I was a supporter of Megyn Kelly, especially when she supported the Muhammad art show in Texas and Bill O’Reilly trashed it. That is up until now where she went after Trump with this BS….I think it was Megyn Kelly who turned the comment about the girl on her knees into a sexual thing.”

Danny in Texas: “That debate the other night, they didn’t focus on the candidates. They focused on the moderators… If Mitt Romney in 2012 turned around to Candy Crowley and said, ‘Hey you tell me why do you happen to have that particular transcript on your desk? Tell me just how that happened.’ She wouldn’t have been able to tell him. And he would have won that debate and maybe gotten some of those four million voters who stayed home. And we wouldn’t have had the last four years of Obama… I am completely disgusted with Fox News. If they were trying to get the establishment on their side they won that battle. But they lost many conservatives.”

Jeff from Alabama: “Trump will face tougher questions if he wins from Hillary Clinton… he is not normal.” When asked by Bannon if he would rather see Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump negotiate trade deals with China who would he want. “I would rather have Bill Clinton, because Bill Clinton can talk a bone away from a dog.”

Tex in Louisiana:  “Fox tried to make Donald Trump look bad and Marco Rubio look good… They didn’t ask Marco Rubio about the ‘gang of eight’ and his immigration policy and that he got into bed with Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin… and they are trying to help him get over the hump… I don’t think Ted Cruz wants to do any mudslinging and that is a mistake. He needs to go in their and start throwing some real hard punches and make himself stand out.”

Nancy in Arizona: “I think they tried to set Dr. Carson aside. I shut the thing off half way through when I saw they were just steering the debate. We did not see enough of Ben Carson and heard the same rhetoric from others. Carson has many things to contribute.”

Doug in Oregon: “They hit Donald Trump hard with a question about his bankruptcies and then they go right to Rubio and ask him a softball general economics question. Anyone could have hit that out of the park. It made Rubio look really good. They  favor him because he is in favor of open borders and can bring in the Hispanic vote.”

Tony in Georgia: “When they asked that first question in the second debate—besides getting sick—I asked myself ‘What the you know what’ are these guys doing? I thought that they would ask similar questions that they asked at the first debate… Right now I am just disgusted with Fox… Ted Cruz did better than most of them. He answered the questions better. You could take someone totally wacko, to coin a phrase from a certain senator, that they were going after Trump. ”

Michael: “All of this is about the border. I believe that these career politicians are making money hand over fist. But I think if we can shut that border down, a lot of these problems will fix themselves. You got drugs, human trafficking, you got terrorists, illegal aliens coming across that border. Its got to be fixed. Donald Trump is the only person who will build a great big fence across that border. I honestly believe he will build that wall. That I believe. That is all I want.”

Phil in Texas: “As far as that debate I didn’t know if I was watching Entertainment Tonight or TMZ… I thought it was the Megyn Kelly show. I’m disgusted with it… I think they gave Rubio softball questions. He handled himself well. He’s very well spoken. He’s a good politician. Jeb was putting me to sleep. Definitely disgusted with the way the debate was handled.”

Mary Anne in Ohio: “I’m a sixty-two year old woman and when I heard that debate, I wanted to take that Snarky B-I-T-C-H and B**ch-slap her. If I could have pulled her out of the TV, I would have done so.”

John: “Donald has a history of being a Liberal and supporting partial birth abortion. Marco Rubio said his (Gang of Eight) positions on immigration was a mistake. I think he is one of the more conservative candidates on the stage. Ronald Reagan was in favor of immigration.” (Bannon pointed out that Reagan admitted that it was the biggest mistake he ever made.) “My biggest concern is winning this election and I don’t think anyone can win other than Marco Rubio. All Trump talks about is the border fence, but he doesn’t say how he’s going to get it up.”

Mark in Texas: “Rubio is basically Bush-Junior. Rubio got softball questions. The only one who got hardball questions was Trump and Cruz. Rand Paul was treated like garbage too.”

Anthony in Alabama: “I think Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers wanted Trump knee-capped… These corporate donors when they give politicians money it’s not because they are a charitable organization, it’s because they want something in return.”

Jake in Pennsylvania: I’m a conservative and I’m a Ted Cruz guy. I know a lot of conservatives and have a lot of conservative friends, yet none of them like Jeb Bush. How is he running second in the polls. I just don’t get it. No one I know likes him. I was in the United States Military. I know a lot of Military guys. No one likes Jeb Bush. His performance on Thursday night was awful. I liked his brother, but I just don’t want anymore Bushes. I think we need a Cruz or Trump. Even a Carson.”

William: “I get most of my news from Patriot Radio. I don’t think Dr. Carson is thinking the immigration thing through. (Carson stated in his interview on Sunday night with Breitbart’s Bannon that he is willing to let the illegal alien farm and the hotel workers stay in the country with guest worker visas after the border fence is secured.) The issue is the tens of millions of people that are running across the border and taking jobs indiscriminately without any concern of a work visa or any documentation.  They are just doing it. And Carson is wrong that we can’t just send them back from where they come from. If you have a clogged pipe the best way to clear it out is not to just shut the spigot off, but to back flow it. The way we correct the problem is to back flow the problem. The problem that came here we need to send it back to where it came from… Megyn Kelly was way out of line at the debate. She didn’t ask Trump anything political. She tried to drag him into a domestic argument. Something that he was not even connected to. The war on women isn’t a real war. It is a smokescreen for people who want free contraception and abortion on demand. The real war is the war on children. They shifted the guilt. Instead of feeling guilty for the murder of the children. They are trying to become victims. They think that if they can’t have these privileges than we are at war with them. It is a war for policy and entitlements. The casualty of the war is the children.”

Robert: “The reason why Trump looks appealing to everybody is because we are so sick and tired of taking a drumming. He’s got money so he can’t be bought off. He talks from the cuff and he’s not scripted. How many times are we going to vote someone in and they are not going to do anything. We just want some one who is going to do what they say. Say what they mean. If they make mistakes, so be it. But we want our nation to be strong again. All the others are professional politicians. They want to be in there as long as they can and come out millionaires. Politicians are suppose to be working for us. How do you come out a millionaire. At least Trump stands up for what he believes in.

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