Hillary Dodges Iran Question

CBS News
Washington, D.C.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refuses to answer a question about Democratic opposition to President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Former Secretary of State Clinton initially called Obama’s Iran deal an “important step” in containing the Islamic country’s nuclear ambitions, but noted that she had not been fully briefed last month when she first spoke about it.

Don’t ask her about it now. Clinton was in New Hampshire making a series of campaign stops Monday focused on her student debt relief plan and on the problem of opiate addiction.

“Any comments on the Iran deal?” asked a CNN reporter from the press pool in an exchange quietly captured on video. “Madame Secretary, any comments on the Iran deal? Senator Schumer is not supporting it. Are you disappointed in him?”

Clinton, stopped walking for a moment and motioned toward the reporter with a blue folder, listened to the question, shook her head, and walked away without answering.