YouGov Poll: Over 4 in 5 Democrats Support National Gun Registry

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In a recently released Economist/YouGov poll more than four in five Democrats said they support a national gun registry.

The poll was taken July 31 through August 4.

Question 59 asked respondents whether they “favor” or “oppose” the idea of “requiring gun owners to register their guns with a national gun registry.” In response, “82 percent” of Democrats said they support requiring such registration. Looking at responses based on political ideologies, “83 percent” of liberals support a gun registry, “73 percent” of moderates, and “45 percent” of conservatives.”

The poll also shows that over 2 out of 3 Democrat respondents support an all-out ban on semi-automatic firearms. Such a ban would remove some of the most popular guns for self-defense in existence. Guns like Glocks, Walthers, Smith & Wesson M&P Shields, Sig Sauer semis, Ruger semis, and 1911-platform guns by Kimber, Para, STI, and others would be gone.

Sure, criminals would still have them, but law-abiding citizens would be barred from possessing them via the ban supported by the vast majority of Democrat respondents.

It should also be noted that “57 percent” of Democrats–“62 percent” of liberals–supported a ban barring “people from carrying a concealed gun in public.” Under such a ban, the number of gun free zones would increase exponentially.

Again, the new zones would not be gun free for criminals. Rather, they would just be new places where law-abiding citizens would be rendered defenseless in the face of criminals who don’t obey signs, laws, or ordinances that set forth areas where guns are not allowed.

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