Sarah Palin On Point: Mama Grizzly Rips Apart Planned Parenthood, Gun Grabbers In Detailed Interview

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Some terrific points were made this past week about critical issues facing our country. The clear understanding and commonsense solutions however didn’t come from any of the declared presidential candidates, instead from a former vice presidential hopeful whom many wish would be running for the White House.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was my guest on The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio and she tackled the hot topics with precision, passion, and poise. From Planned Parenthood to our Second Amendment, Palin didn’t shy away. She gave lucid arguments for how to proceed while making no excuses for being a Christian in a Christian nation. Palin even offered her unique analysis on the 2016 presidential race.

The first part of the interview was all about Donald Trump. Palin lauded the businessman and thanked God that he’s running. She also praised the other Republican contenders. “I have good things to say about all the GOP candidates,” Palin said. “I’m very thankful we have a deep bench and they all have positive attributes. They all have some good background that bodes well for what they would do as the administrator, the executive of our nation. I just have appreciated though the opportunity to speak personally and on a professional level about Mr. Trump’s attributes.”

Honesty is a top attribute when it comes to Palin. Her trustworthiness has led to an amazing following from supporters that few American politicians have ever enjoyed. When it comes to the issues though, two stand out. Palin has been an unwavering champion for life and for our right to bear arms. We discussed both of these things that are dear to Palin’s heart–unfiltered and without sugar coating.

“Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded and shut down,” said Palin. “It is such a sham business. This BS of them touting all the medical services they provide women and the free healthcare–They don’t provide all these services. They are able to refer out services. It’s immoral, it’s unethical, it’s disgusting, it’s despicable, this butcher shop that we see now that they are.”

Of course Palin has a unique perspective here, after choosing life for her son Trig knowing that he’d be born with Down Syndrome. She hammers Planned Parenthood for “killing babies” and “deceiving” people. “Planned Parenthood does not reflect our nation’s culture and they more than likely do not tell women who come in for abortions that their baby’s organs and body parts will be bartered and sold,” Palin said. “The left would be going ballistic if we were talking about puppies or lion cubs or anything besides babies. Family helps me keep everything in perspective. Trig is functioning well. He’s the light of our life.”

After years of relentless, visceral, weird attacks against her and her family, Palin keeps on keeping on. She fights for our country with a smile on her face, no matter what is thrown her way. She gets that strength from Jesus Christ. “Being a Christian–God told us through his word, He said I’m not gonna tell you it’s gonna be easy but it’s gonna be worth it,” Palin said. “Taking hits is to be expected and at the end of the day giving it all to God. I don’t know how people do this without Jesus or why they would want to.”

Gun grabbers have been out in full force in recent years and while others avoid the issue or move toward the squishy middle, Palin’s conviction grows stronger. “The Second Amendment is not for people to go out and hunt a deer,” said Palin, an avid hunter. “We know what our founders meant. It’s a guaranteed right to protect us against tyranny, to defend ourselves, and to shoot for sport. More gun laws won’t deter criminals.”

Talk about succinctly extinguishing any of the arguments against our Second Amendment. Those running for the presidency or any office should take a page from the patriot Palin. As for those candidates, Palin has a prototype of sorts for the type of public servants that could turn our country around.

“We need constitutional conservatives who really understand what freedom is and how important it is to fight for freedom,” Palin said. “They have to be fighters. We have to be fighters. We have to do it now. We don’t have a whole lot of time left to undo what Obama has done to our country so we need to start doing our own homework on candidates. Our own homework on what these policies and these laws actually are coming out of DC and we need to take action. God doesn’t drive parked cars. He expects us to take action and to do our own homework.”

Sarah Palin will play a pivotal role in this upcoming election and while Trump and Ted Cruz may understand this, others still afraid to share the spotlight with a strong woman will be left in the dust. The exact role of Palin is yet to be determined, yet one thing’s for certain. She wakes up everyday with the right approach.

“If you’re not ticking liberals off somehow you might want to try harder,” Palin said. “As my dad always says, you don’t retreat. You reload.”

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