Alleged Ferguson Gunman Wrote He Would ‘Do a Hit’ by Himself

St.Louis PD video

Tyrone Harris–who allegedly opened fire on police in Ferguson Sunday night–called himself “Ty Glocks” and used Facebook posts to boast that he was going to “do a hit by [himself].”

18-year-old Harris was shot multiple times and listed in critical condition after allegedly firing at police on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.

According to the Daily Mail, Harris posted numerous photos with guns “and claimed he was a part of a group called ‘Pistol Gang.'” In one of his Facebook posts he wrote, “Aint no gang like my gang #pistolgang”.

In addition to boasting that he was going to carry out “a hit” by himself, Harris allegedly wrote “f*** da police” in a post as well.

Harris has now been “charged with four counts of assault on law enforcement in the first degree” and also “with shooting a firearm at a motor vehicle.” Police were in a van when he allegedly opened fire on them. The gun he allegedly used was a stolen 9mm.

Harris’ father, Tyrone Harris Sr., claims “His son did not have a gun.” He says his son “was running for his…life because someone was shooting at him.”

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