Chuck Schumer to Senate Dems: No Pressure to Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Ever-ambitious Sen. Chuck Schumer, according to Politico, is spending his valuable time reassuring other Democrat Senators that he won’t pressure them to join him in his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Politico noted, “Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal also does not seem to have had any impact on his standing as the presumptive Democratic leader-in-waiting. Support for Schumer inside the Democratic Caucus remains strong despite longstanding complaints about him from the progressive wing of the party.”

Schumer’s opposition to the deal was “leaked” last Thursday, but he knows that any chance of the Senate overriding Barack Obama and gathering 67 Senators to negate the deal depends on finding at least 13 Democrats to join GOP Senators. Schumer gets his cake and eats it too; he can appease Jewish voters in New York by opposing the deal and appease the White House by making certain that the deal goes through.

Schumer’s professed love for the State of Israel as a Jew only goes so far; when it comes to losing his chance at a position as the most powerful Senate Democrat, he apparently has no problem paving the way for a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, Schumer has carried water for Barack Obama’s animus for Israel before: He “gave Chuck Hagel, a Republican with a clear anti-Israel record, the required absolution when Mr. Obama picked him for defense secretary.” As New York Magazine wrote more than ten years ago, “As most New Yorkers know, to be Chuck Schumer is to live in a juiced-up state of ambition and aggression, activity and perpetual forward motion.”

What Schumer has done is the equivalent of another ancient betrayal; he bestows a kiss on Israel with his stated opposition to the nuclear deal but then accepts thirty pieces of silver (the Democratic leadership in the Senate) by making sure that Iran gets exactly what it wants.

No doubt the catastrophic result of Schumer’s betrayal of his own people will echo long after he is gone, just as the legacy of Judas lingers to this day.