John Kerry Writes Emails Assuming Spies Are Reading Them


The current Secretary of State, John Kerry, is probably trying to do his predecessor Hillary Clinton a favor by assuring Americans that in this sad-sack era of reduced Obama Administration expectations, it’s probably best to assume Russian and Chinese spies are reading every single email written by top American officials.

Many an Obama and Clinton staffer must be hissing Stop helping, John! between clenched teeth.

Kerry went as far as telling Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News that he writes all of his emails on the assumption that hackers will be reading them.

“It is very likely. It is not … outside the realm of possibility and we know they have attacked a number of American interests over the course of the last few days,” Kerry mused. “It’s very possible … and I certainly write things with that awareness.”

CBS assumes this was meant primarily as damage control over the Administration’s allowing Chinese hackers to loot the U.S. government of employee data, news that China has also penetrated the email accounts of some high-placed Obama Administration officials, and the revelation that Russia appears to have hacked the Pentagon’s email system. It’s likely that Kerry taped this interview before the Clinton top-secret email revelations broke big, but maybe he got a heads-up and thought it would be a good idea to downplay the security value of the email system Clinton was supposed to be using.

Kerry’s idea for addressing the hacking crisis is to have President Obama discuss it with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a September meeting: “We have agreed to begin to have a working group dig into this more directly because it is an enormous concern.”

That’s not a surprising sentiment coming from one of the principle actors in Obama’s disastrous “nuclear deal” with Iran. China, of course, loudly maintains that it has nothing to do with hacking, and hates hackers more than anyone, just as Iran insists it’s a peaceful nation of beatniks that only wants nuclear power because it’s tired of pumping all that gas out of the ground. China will be only too happy to participate in working groups about data security. With any luck, they’ll restrain themselves and avoid hacking Obama’s cell phone while he’s chatting with his Chinese counterpart.

Is everyone tired of this dreary age of failure yet? The Obama crew’s transcendent belief in the power and wisdom of government, which they think should be micro-managing every American business and personal life, is matched only by the staggering incompetence of the hugely expensive government they administer. There’s no sum of our money these people aren’t eager to spend, but all we get in return for it is dismal failure and lame excuses – websites that blow up on the launch pad, waste and fraud rising to historic levels, an EPA that poisons our rivers, foreign policy so inept that a tidal wave of people is fleeing across Europe and piling up on the shores of France, and security so lax that everything is ripe for hacker pickings.

Now we get this preposterous Secretary of State glibly assuring us that he writes his mail on the assumption that it will all be stolen as soon as he clicks Send. Not even the Carter years ended with expectations lowered so much.