Poll: Americans Think Hillary Clinton Lied about Her Emails

Kevin Lamarque AP

In a new Fox News poll, Hillary Clinton came in for some harsh criticism for her actions with the illicit private email server she used while secretary of state. Asked if Clinton was telling the truth about the emails, 58 percent were sure she knowingly lied.

Those surveyed were reminded that back in March, Hillary Clinton swore in front of Congress that she never sent classified data over her private email server. But now government investigators have revealed that she did, indeed, send classified information using that email address. The poll then asked what respondents thought about Clinton’s claims of innocence. A whopping 58 percent said she “knowingly lied” about handling classified information. Only 33 percent said that there must be “another explanation.”

The breakdown of demographics on the question is interesting, as well. While only 27% of Democrats said she lied, 87% of Republicans said she lied. Also the age group most likely to say she lied was those under 35. In addition, boding ill for her run for president, 67 percent of independents believe she lied.

Another question revealed that 54 percent believe she put the nation at risk with her unsecured email server. Only 37 percent said no to that question.

A second part of the poll focused on President Obama’s Iranian nuke deal, which also came in for a drubbing, as 58 percent said that Congress should reject the nuclear agreement with Iran, while only 31 percent approved of it.

Worse, 75 percent said that Iran could not be trusted to hold up its end of a deal, regardless of the particulars.

The same poll also found that 51 percent disapprove of the job President Obama is doing, and 54 percent stand against Obamacare, his signature healthcare law.

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