Chris Christie: All Of Jeb Bush’s Money Won’t Change Who He Is

AP/Matt Rourke

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took shots at former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, saying that even though he was raising the most money in the Republican presidential field, it wouldn’t make him a better candidate.

Bush’s SuperPAC and campaign has already raised some $114 million for his campaign.

But Christie indicated that he was not surprised by the amount raised by Bush, pointing out that he was the son and a brother of former presidents – putting other Republican candidates at a disadvantage.

“If my dad didn’t work for Breyer’s Ice Cream Plant in Newark and was President of the United States, I would probably have $114 million, too,” Christie said. “There’s certain advantages that come along with that.”

Christie admitted that Bush’s money would help him in the presidential race but hinted that he would always face the fact that he was the third member of the Bush family to run for president.

“He’ll spend that money, he’ll use it, if he uses it well, it’ll help him,” Christie acknowledged. “But It won’t change who he is.”