Donald Trump Will Report for Jury Duty Monday

Donald Trump Reports For Jury Duty In Manhattan

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will take a break from his campaign schedule because he has jury duty at the state Supreme Court in lower Manhattan on Monday.

Donald Trump was fined $250 earlier this year for repeatedly failing to show up for court after five jury summonses had been sent since 2006. Michael Cohen, his attorney, said Trump was told that the fine would be rescinded once he shows up for service. Cohen added that Trump did not show up for duty before because the notices were mailed to a Central Park South condominium building that Trump manages. Cohen said Trump has never had an office in the building or resided there; he lives and works in Trump Tower.

On Friday, campaigning in New Hampshire, Trump acknowledged the jury summons, saying, “I’ll be doing jury duty on Monday morning. I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s fun.”

Later that day, Trump confirmed he would show up for jury duty. The same day, Alan Garten, general counsel to the Trump Organization, told the New York Daily News, “Despite running for President and running a massive, multi-billion-dollar company, Mr. Trump will be at jury duty Monday.”